Friday, 5 May 2017

The 'Strong & Stable' Mantra - General Election 2017 (week 3)

    This week I thought I'd share a poem that came to my attention via 
    Disability Arts Online. It sums up for me the tactics the Tories employ to 
    get their message across. They use soundbites and mantras like a refrain 
    which sink into the public psyche. But they have little substance. 
    This wonderfully satirical poem sums it up perfectly and demonstrates 
    how hollow it all is and deflects from what's really going on. Do not be fooled.

      All Together Now - A poem by Judith Milburn 

      Theresa May has kitten heels 
      And legs like Betty Grable;
      Of COURSE that proves her leadership
      Is really strong and stable!
      Let's wheel on Boris for a laugh
      On Sky, Beeb, Mail or cable.
      His jibes are bound to make us look
      Big and strong and stable.

      Who cares about election fraud -
      Best swept under the table.
      (Just make sure no-one's charged 'til June,
      To keep us strong and stable!)

      Don't dig below the headlines, now,
      Don't question if we're able;
      Just repeat the same old riff:
      'We're very strong and stable!'

      Our strength is putting others down,
      Our sympathy's a fable;
      We bully, harm and isolate -
      And call it 'strong and stable'.

      We hate what we don't understand
      And box it with a label.
      So if you disagree, we'll say
      That you aren't strong and stable.

      Don't be 'foreign', poor, ill, old,
      Raped, unemployed, disabled -
      That doesn't fit with our idea
      Of being strong and stable.

      For God's sake don't be taken in
      By their 'strong and stable' lie;
      Value humanity when you vote -
      Or hope, and people, die.

      Poem shared courtesy of a member of Disability Arts Online

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