Thursday, 13 December 2012

That someone up the road…could be you

When chatting on benefits forums and threads, how many times have you heard people say ‘there’s someone up the road from me claiming all s/he can …s/he’s a money-grabbing skiver and knows how to get all s/he can out of the system’? Or words to that effect. 

It struck me as odd how people always knew ‘somebody up the road’ who was ‘scamming the system’ because of course, they’re really going to pour out their personal health problems to their sworn enemies, aren’t they?  Private and intimate health matters are exactly that – so how come these ‘nosey-parkers’ know so much about someone else’s private and intimate health conditions and what they’re claiming?  

It’s simple.  These are people you presume are your friends, why else would you confide in them?  Maybe they’re your neighbours who you stop and chat with and ask each other how you’re doing.  Maybe you let slip a few personal details because they’re neighbours, aren’t they?  You think they’re interested in your health and how you’re doing but really you have to be on guard against these people because what they’re really doing is gleaning the facts from you.  They’re gathering information from you so they can pass judgement on what little amount of information you’ve volunteered.  Maybe you confided in them about your depression or your fibromyalgia and the fact that you’re getting DLA.  Maybe they’re seeing you on a good day if you’re out and about and they naturally think you’re faking it.  Oh they won’t pass judgment to your face – that would give the game away, surely – no, these are the types who spatter it all over public forums and the like.

So the moral of this blog is – don’t confide your personal details to passing acquaintances or anyone you don’t trust one hundred per cent.  It’s none of their business. They’re not doctors, they don’t know your medical history and why would you tell them?  Even your closest family members and friends may not be privy to this information so don’t give these snoopers ammunition to use it – most likely wrongly – against you. 


  1. What a rotten world we live in when we daren't tell people about ourselves for fear they turn us in! Talk about Gestapo tactics!!

    1. Exactly, Wendy. But the government and media have made it so, it suits their agenda for the poor to turn against the poor.